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Age Range:
4 years old
Areas of Learning:

Kindergarten Club

Math & Science

Language Arts & Social Studies

The Fours’ daily routine includes multiple center-based activities such as story time, flannel board, creative art, group music, and movement games. These activities help ensure Kindergarten readiness by lengthening your child’s attention span and encouraging them to listen and participate.

  • Kindergarten Club: A program that helps your child become more comfortable with the transition into Kindergarten. Through a wide variety of activities, lessons, and adventures, Kindergarten Club provides your child ample time to fine-tune many of the skills necessary for Kindergarten admittance. Kindergarten Club is designed to reduce or even eliminate the anxieties and apprehension your child might otherwise experience when beginning the journey into elementary school.
  • Playground Fun: Weather permitting, children go outside at least twice a day. The outside playground is an extension of the classroom. There is a climbing wall, swings, slides, playscape, basketball court, and playground equipment. Everything you need to promote creative play.
  • Science & Math: Pre-science concepts are taught through observation, comparison, categorization, and experimentation. Pre-math skills are developed through activities that involve sorting, patterning, and three dimensional visualization.
  • Books, Books, and More Books: Reading and storytelling is an important part of the program. Books are always kept at low shelves where children can reach them independently. Books are kept in good condition and rotated on a regular basis.