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Age Range:
3 years old
Areas of Learning:

Language Skills

Social Development

Physical Fitness

Our 3-year-old pre-schoolers get to enjoy a bright, spacious classroom with plenty of natural light. This wonderful space features an impressive array of equipment that includes: peg boards, patterning blocks, sorting sets, unifix cubes, matching games, and many other manipulatives designed to stimulate curious minds.

  • Room to Run, Room to Play: Gross motor control (development of the larger muscles) is an important part of growth at this age. We have plenty of open space indoors and a carpeted area equipped with soft foam blocks to provide your child numerous opportunities to develop and practice new skills.
  • Art: We offer at least 2 creative activities a day and we love displaying their works of art afterwards. Children enjoy seeing the work they’ve done and examples of recent projects are displayed where both children and parents can appreciate them.
  • Music: Exposure to music, sounds, and rhythms are very important parts of each child’s cognitive development. The threes’ lesson plans include a wide variety of music and movement activities that are introduced throughout the day.
  • Personal Sleeping Bags: Plenty of rest is necessary for the active and rapidly-growing threes. Every child receives a special “napper” sleeping bag that they’re happy to retreat to after a busy morning of activities.