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Age Range:
1 - 2 years old
Areas of Learning:

Early Language & Socialization

Sensory Stimulation

Physical Play

Toddlers need to be given plenty of room to explore and a constant supply of new toys that continually engage their curiosity. Their inquisitiveness knows no bounds. Playing with manipulative toys helps your toddler expand their knowledge of the world around them. In addition to interacting, experimenting, and exploring with the materials inside the classroom, our toddlers also go outdoors on a daily basis.

The safety of your child is a top priority here at The Children’s Corner. In addition to a secure door code system, classrooms are equipped with important safety measures such as latches on refrigerators and cabinet doors, outlets that are out of reach, door hinge covers, and allergy lists. We also have an internal phone system so teachers can call the office when they need immediate assistance and support


Over 40% of lifelong-learning happens in the first 3 years. For older Twos, the focus is on cognitive and social skills.

  • Songs and Circle Time: Daily “circle time” is a group experience rich in opportunities to develop emerging language, cognitive, and social skills. The theme or word of the day is introduced through books, pictures, songs and rhymes.
  • Artwork: Our art program includes at least 2 painting, gluing, stamping, or sticking art projects every day. These opportunities for creative expression build self-esteem.
  • Snacks and Meals: At this age, proper nutrition means frequent small snacks, meals, and drinks. Mid-morning and afternoon snacks such as fresh fruit and vegetables or cheese and crackers are provided. Sippy cups sent from home are available throughout the day.